July 22

Day 15

Saturday was fun although the weather was not all that nice. It was overcast all day and was raining on and off. I explored Roppongi last night. It was very nice and expensive. Roppongi is like Manhattan and a lot of the younger crowd hangs out there. I wish I didn’t forget my camera in the US and could find a disposable one here. The language barrier is really preventing me from finding one. Hopefully I will find one soon though. The weather today is not very nice either another overcast day. I plan on relaxing during the day and maybe tonight going for dinner in another area.


July 19th

Day 12

           Today was a different type of work day for me. It involved a out of office meeting and a fully tax staff meeting. So today consisted of a lot of listening and taking notes. I have no problem with that though because I enjoy learning and observing. It was also nice to be out of the office all day! The staff meeting was about 15 minutes away from our office in a huge lecture hall. The building was very nice and although it was very long about 5 hours long it was cool to learn more about PwC and the culture of the company. It really made me appreciate interning with them specifically because of their highly respected reputation. Since I can not speak fluent Japanese I got to use a headset where someone translated in real time. At the conclusion of the conference we were greeted with a nice dinner. Overall it was a good day but I am very excited for the weekend so I can venture more around Tokyo. I plan to visit Roppongi Saturday night with some of my coworkers and maybe even check out Harajuku on Sunday.



July 18th

Day 11

           Today was a great day at work! I am very happy that I am continually being put in positions where I can learn a lot about tax. I was able to sit in on multiple meetings  and also was given more practice with our global database. After work our office held a wine tasting event. This was my first ever wine tasting and I thought it was a very memorable one at that since I am in another country. The man was from France and had incredible wine. After wine tasting everyone who attended went downstairs to a bar/restaurant to eat dinner. I was very happy with how inviting all my coworkers are. It has made the transition to a new country quite easy.



July 16th

Day 9

           Today was a holiday and I mainly just relaxed. It was a nice day off and I am ready for the week. I got to review some Japanese words so hopefully I can communicate a little with the natives. For dinner I walked a couple blocks to a Yakitori restaurant where an older man inside bought me a beer and held a mini conversation with me in English. I was really excited about how welcoming the older man was.



July 15th

Day 8

          Yesterday I went rock climbing for the first time. It was fun and inside the gym I met a nice young couple that spoke English. They directed me on what I need to see in Tokyo and how to get there. We exchanged information so maybe we can meet up another time. I walked toward the sky tree and found a nice mall. As the couple told me this is a big tourist spot and inside the mall I saw many different nationalities. I ate at a Korean restaurant inside the mall and they allowed you to cook your meat at the table, which was fun.



July 13th

Day 6

        My first week of work is over and I really like everyone I am working with. All my coworkers are very helpful and friendly. I am beginning to learn a lot and am very glad. I get to sit in on a lot of meetings and write summaries and draft emails of all sorts to clients. This weekend I plan to venture around Tokyo and maybe see the sky tree. I am finally not jet lagged anymore which is a wonderful feeling. During the week I tried sushi and sashimi for the first time. Surprisingly I really like it and am excited to eat more of it. This weekend is a 3-day weekend because of the holiday on Monday.